Preddator bulk reagent nano dispenser

Preddator bulk reagent nano dispenser


Nano Reagent Dispenser

The Preddator is a low-volume, non-contact, bulk reagent dispenser that was designed and developed in close collaboration with research scientists from major pharmaceutical companies.
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The instrument can be configured to use small or large bottles and also smaller vessels that attach to the Preddators dispensing head to reduce dead volume.

preddator nano dispenser. 4 valve head

Preddator nano dispenser


The instrument now offers an unparalleled set of features and benefits to users of bulk reagent dispensers.The Preddator was originally designed as part of the scientists’ brief for a new reagent dispenser that could overcome 3 key issues:

  • Reduce tip blocking and improve assay data
  • Reduce the long-term costs of consumables
  • Reduce assay volumes, without compromising on accuracy and precision

  • Simple fluid pathway – Reduces dead volumes (~65ul) and tip blockages , Auto-clean function ,Reduces tip blockages, Dispensing from 10nl volumes, Miniaturises assays
  • Precise and consistent dispensing (0.7% CV at 500nl) – Improves assay data (independently verified)
  • Drop-on-drop capability – Repeatable dispensing positioning, to within 20um
  • Dynamic fluid range –Capably handles DMSO, proteins, crystallography, oils, matrigels, surfactants, cells and beads
  • Limitless patterns – Dispenses into 96-, 384-, 1536- and 3456-well microplates, evaporation wells, non-standard plates, microarrays and slides
  • Fast – Fills a 1536-well plate in under 10 seconds (on-the-fly)
  • Flexible – Suitable for a wide range of applications, handling up to 4 different reagents simultaneously
  • Small footprint – Ideal for today’s laboratories (footprint of just 750 square cm)
  • Low on-going running costs – Simple low volume fluid pathway, easy to maintain and clean
  • Open platform – Ideal for integration into a robotic platform


Preddator – The art of precision reagent dispensing.

From viscous reagent handling and cell dispensing to HTS.

The Preddator’s unique versatility and reliable performance makes it ideal for a wide variety of applications including:

  • Viscous reagent handling or HTS to Cell dispensing Assay development
  • Protein crystallography
  • Filling from a CSV file
  • PCR
  • Viscous reagent handling
  • Cell dispensing
  • Back filling
  • Dilutions
  • High throughput screening (HTS)
  • High content screening
  • Drop-on-drop dispensing
  • Stem cell research
  • MALDI spotting

Fast cleaning of the dispensing valves. For reliable nano volume fluid dispensing


Nano volume fluid dispenser

Features include:

  • Rapid cleaning of the Preddator’s high precision dispensing valves
  • Reduces the chance of clogging on the dispense the valves
  • The trough includes four holes for the dispensing valves to enter for cleaning
  • High performance air-blade drying technology
  • Sensors to alert the user when more rinse solution is required, or when the waste fluid capture bottle is full


The Worlds Most Flexible Reagent Dispenser

Preddator S1/S4

Plate carriage 270° access
Plate compatibility 96, 384, 1536 and 3456 as well as all plates with peripheral wells and reservoirs
Plate movement Horizontal X – 200mm
Dispense head Vertical Z – 50mm, Horizontal Y – 200mm
Dispensing nozzle Pressure fed solenoid valve (1-4 valves)
Dispense precision ≤ 2% CV @ 500nl, ≤ 3.5% CV @ 100nl
Dispense accuracy ≤ 1.5% @ 100nl
Resolution 1 micron
Repeatability 20 microns
Data memory capacity 100 programs, 4000 points per program
Program system Compact flash
Display Integrated LCD and Windows PC
Driver/stepper motors 3-Phase
Motion control Point-to-point (Step and Repeat)/ Continuous (On-the-Fly)
System dead volume < 1µl, reservoir dependent (12.5µl max.)
Fluid line materials SS, Polyethylene, PVDF, Ruby, Quartz
Dispense volume range 20nl to 200µl
External interface USB or RS232
System footprint (max.) 338(w) x 522(d) x 450(h) mm
Reservoirs outside footprint
Free standing weight 20kg
Shipping weight 35kg
Power supply Auto-switching 95-132V or 180-250V (270W)
Compliance CE, RoHS and EMC

Processing time

Preddator S1 S4
Step and Repeat 384 well 82s 21s
1536 326s 82s
On-the-fly 384 37s 10s
1536 112s 28s


The video above shows the precision in which the Preddator can perform low volume dispensing. The video shows the Preddator spotting out nine aliquots within each well of a 384 well plate and was done to highlight the incredible precision attainable by the system.

The Preddator is shown dispensing from one of four channels in step by step mode across a 384 well plate. an ideal option for cell dispensing and or multiple reagent dispencing