Instrument Solutions



Standalone Instruments

Wagner represents a variety of instruments that can be used quickly and easily in the laboratory. All the instrument below can be integrated into an automated, modular workcell or used as a component in a larger, integrated system.
RapidPick SP – RapiPick Basic SOLO – Micro10x – RapidWash – Wellpro 4000 – Preddator – ATS Liquid Dispenser from EDC

Modular Workcells

Quickly and efficiently load plates on and off 1-3 instruments with our Modular Design Automation Workcell. All  work cells include a barcode reader with our software module for setting up and running protocols from the barcodes directly. Also included is our advanced error handling module with if-Quickly then conditional statement processing.

Sample Prep Workstations

-Kingfsher from Thermno -SOLO from Hudson Robotics with magnetic bead accessory kit -Bioo Scientific using SOLO
Custom Solutions Fully automated colony isolation system including automated incubation
Fully automated Gibson assembly work station with sample prep and PCR
Fully automated Zebrafish screening system
Fully automated cell monitoring and feeding